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Gearbox Jackshaft Kit for 90 Degree
Jackshaft Extension Kit for Peerless RIght Angle Gearbox
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Gearbox Jackshaft Kit for 90 Degree

Part Number: 794-GBSK
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Gearbox Jackshaft Kit for 90 Degree
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The EC Jackshaft kit for the 90° Gearbox simplifies the lawnmower racers' drive system and build process. 

Our kit comes with a mounting plate for your gearbox and bearing support and a one-piece machined shaft, no more weld on shafts, or spending the time and money on a one-off machined shaft. A huge benefit with our new shaft, they allow your gearbox output shaft to be mounted to the left or right of the gearbox. This allows racers more options for where and how they mount their drivetrain.

Please check your output gear inside your gearbox there are two common size gears: 3/4 and 7/8 Our kit works with the 3/4 shaft gear. If you do not have a 3/4 add our 746-GR 3/4 Gear to your order.

Our newly machined shaft allows you to change the direction of your gearbox while maintaining clockwise rotation that drives your race machine forward. Download our pdf or look to our technical section for diagrams.

Kit Items:

• Adjustable Transmission/Gearbox Mounting plate

• Bearing Cassette, Bearing, and Hardware

• Machined, 1" One-Piece Output Shaft. Overall Length 13.125" (from gearbox 9.375")

The kit does not include 90° Gear Box or Gears (sold separately)

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