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HL-334WX Tillotson Gas Carburetor
HL-334WX Tillotson Gas Carburetor
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HL-334WX Tillotson Gas Carburetor

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HL-334WX Carburetor was designed by Carroll Ford, the current owner of EC Carburetors, around 2004 for small OHV 4 cycle engines, where a smaller venturi carburetor would be needed. 

This carburetor was manufactured with pilot holes for all the fuel offices and we call it a (Engine builder carburetor) So engine builder could tweak the fuel curve as they felt necessary. To know more about the HL-334WX Read our blog https://www.eccarburetors.com/EC-Tech-Review-HL-334WX-The-Engine-Builders-Carburetor_b_5.html

HL-334WX Carburetor Specs:

• Gas (OHV)

• Standard Volume(Single Stack, Gas) Pump Plates

• Venturi .750
• Throttle Bore 1.00
• Flange Bolt Spacing 1.8125"

Use Our P9-DG or P1-DG(if legal) EC Pro Gasket Kit for replacing gasket and diaphragms or P1
2-RK or P5-RK(if legal) EC Pro Rebuild Kit for Complete Rebuilds

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