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HL360D-1 Dominator Tillotson for WKA Limited Flathead Methanol Carburetor
HL-360D-1 WKA Limited Modified Alky Dominator Carb Only
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HL360D-1 Dominator Tillotson for WKA Limited Flathead Methanol Carburetor

Part Number: HL360D-1
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Carburetor Dominator Tillotson for WKA Limited Modified Flathead Methanol
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The EC Dominator is machined and blueprinted for Limited Modified Briggs & Stratton Raptor(Model 13) Flathead. 

Our EC Dominators have been "dominating" the competition, setting records and winning races for decades. Our expert knowledge and years of winning history go into each hand-built Dominator Series Carburetor. Our team of EC engineers developed the only 4-cycle carburetors for Tillotson, including the "infinite radius" design to improve flow and fuel signal making it superior to other stock diaphragm carburetors. 

We then prepare the Tillotson carburetor for each engine combination to maximize performance and to push the rule book for every advantage and still pass inspection.

There are dozens of procedures our master carburetor technicians go through to create the dominator plus carburetor; here a few we listed:
- The velocity stack is permanently attached and machine matched to the carburetor body
- The carburetor body is machined and highly polished to maximize flow
- The throttle shaft is polished and aligned for max flow
- A hand made Trix throttle shaft screw
- The fuel circuit is machined and calibrated to increase acceleration and max power.

Fuel: Methanol(alcohol) pure methanol only; DO NOT BUY METHANOL WITH TOP LUBE OR ADD TOP LUBE

Caution: WILL NOT WORK WITH ETHANOL E-85 or E-91 or any other type of ethanol.

Bore: 1.060"

Venturi: .900"

Hi Side Needle Initial setting: 3/4 turn out

Low Side Needle Initial Setting: 2-1/2 turns out

Caution: Use only the Walbro FPC-1 or TFPC-1 Round-Style Fuel pumps!

Fuel pumps we do not support with our carburetors:

B&S fuel Pump

Mikuni, and Mikuni knock offs

Plastic knock off of the Walbro WIP fuel pump (square pump)

No electric fuel pumps.

If you have a fuel pump you rather use, please give us a call so we can advise you.

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