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Honda GX200 OEM 68mm Standard Rings
13010-Z0T-801 OEM Honda Standard Rings
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Honda GX200 OEM 68mm Standard Rings

Part Number: 13010-Z0T-801
Your Price: $12.50
Rings for Piston Std. Old Thick Rings GX160 Honda
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This is a Genuine OEM Honda Standard Bore Piston Rings fits 68mm bore on the Honda GX160/200. 

Pack includes 2 oil rails and an expander ring, a scraper ring with a lower chamfer on the outside diameter, and a chrome-faced compression ring with upper chamfer on the inside diameter.

The chamfers on these rings, especially the one on the compression ring, make these rings superior to anything else available for these engines. This compression chamfer is VERY important as it utilizes the combustion pressure to force the compression ring into the cylinder wall giving the best possible seal. This is a necessity to get higher performance out of long-lasting chrome-faced rings. "Gas ported" pistons seek to achieve the same goal. These are not legal for AKRA Box Stock Class.

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