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Inlet Needle UnCaptured
34-190 Tillotson Uncaptured Inlet Needle
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Inlet Needle UnCaptured

Part Number: 34-190
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Inlet Needle UnCaptured
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The Tillotson Fuel inlet Needle regulates fuel flow and volume as it opens and closes in the fuel inlet seat. 

The uncaptured needles do not have a dowel pin or stem that the fulcrum arm hold or "captures." Instead, the fulcrum arm rests on top of the needle. The uncaptured needles are usually used on carburetors that have the pump stack plates facing upward and used on most 4-cycle kart engines

Beware of aftermarket fuel inlet needles and seats. This is the number one problem after a carburetor has been recently rebuilt. The aftermarket kits usually do not seal very well. This is most noticeable at idle and low speed; the carburetor will be flooding fuel, especially from the high side circuit. Use a pop-off pressure gauge to check your pop-off pressure and make sure the needle and seat are not leaking. 

Check your carburetor and carburetor listing for the correct inlet needle.

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