Thank you for considering EC Carburetors for your performance product needs. To ensure you have a pleasurable experience buying from our company, we will need some information from you and to make you aware of our policies and procedures. 


All orders must be faxed to 01-615-446-9418 or emailed to [email protected] using this form. 

All questions and contact information is needed for USA Customs to process your order. Please fill out the form completely in English, leave no blank spaces in your name, shipping, and contact information. Double-check quantities,
part numbers, and descriptions. Once an order has been received, no parts can be added to that order. All added additional parts will be billed and processed separately.

The minimum order is USD 20.00 before shipping, insurance, and handling costs.

Shipping and Handling:

Shipping and Handling do not include taxes, duties, or import fees of your country, territory, state, or province. Be
aware you may have to pay additionally to collect your package. We will not change the cost of an invoice to avoid paying Custom Fees, taxes, duties, or import fees. 

Payment and Processing:

Due to the high risk of fraud, we will only accept payment through a verified PayPal account using “friends & family” payments. We charge an additional $10.00 International Handling & Processing Fee for all international orders. Orders will only be shipped to the address verified on your PayPal account.

Orders Drop Shipped to Fulfillment Companies or other addresses will be charged a $5 drop ship fee but not the international fee. Since there is very little protection from Paypal on orders that do not go to the owner’s address, we will only accept “friends & family” payments for drop-shipped or orders sent to fulfillment companies or other address. 

Download International Order Form