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Jugg-A-Verter Super 30 Series Torque Converter Assembly
Juggernaut Super 30 Series Torque Converter Assembly
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Jugg-A-Verter Super 30 Series Torque Converter Assembly

Part Number: 30-3031
On sale: $179.99 $159.00
Phone Order Price:$189.99
You Save:$30.99(16%)
Fits 3/4 Output Shaft Small Block Engines
Availability: Out of Stock.


Jugg-A-Verter is a complete CVT or Torque Converter Assembly that features the Juggernaut Super 30 Driver.

This is a quality after-market reproduction of the Comet-made TAV2 Torque converter kit. Designed to be used on Go-karts, Mini-bikes, and Wake wrenches with engine sizes 3HP to 7HP. This is a must on live axle go-karts, especially those with rear tires larger than 16-Inch tall. A centrifugal clutch will not pull or hold up to these demands. For your convenience, this kit comes with both sprockets, a #35 chain 12 tooth sprocket, and the #41/40/420 chain with the #10 tooth sprocket. (Comet does not make this)

The Juggernaut is everything the original 30 series drivers lack under load. No longer do you have to sacrifice your engine's power or rpm capabilities! With this new Super 30 Series Driver, you can take full advantage of a high H.P. high R.P.M. small block engine (196/212/225) up to 15hp; the H.P. rating may vary due to the application.

The Super 30 Series Driver is compatible with ALL 3/4-inch bore 30 series Torque Converter kits; you can use the same belt, driven, and belt cover! This driver is recommended to be used with higher R.P.M. engines, Stage 2 or higher. On a stock motor running at 3600 RPM, you will NOT see any difference in performance, and it may affect top-end M.P.H. Running 4000+ R.P.M. is where the Juggernaut shines. 


This is an asymmetrical type torque converter system which means the sheave faces are non-symmetrical. They have different angles. In this case, the movable sheave face is 18° while the stationary sheave face is 2 1/2° for a collective angle of 20 1/2°. Here are some reasons for selecting the asymmetrical concept: The Asymmetric concept operates on an in-line principal with the torque sensing cam in an outboard attitude. Only this system is designed to operate this way, thus providing the proper alignment for the final drive chain to be on the same side of the vehicle as to the P.T.O. This offers some very significant advantages to mounting requirements in many cases. The asymmetric concept, having the 18Đ° angle on one side, requires less sheave face travel to lift the belt to larger, comparable pitch diameters of the symmetrical system. This makes it possible to force the belt to a diameter within the drive clutch (at high R.P.M.) that exceeds the usual 1:1 ratio of standard systems. As a result, the T.A.V. can attain a .90:1 or 10% overdrive.


Includes:  Current kit comes with both 12T and 10T sprockets
- Super 30 series Driver Juggernaut
- 30 series driven 5/8-inch bore 
- 12T #35 sprocket
- 10T #41/40/420 sprocket
- drive belt asymmetrical
- backplate
- cover
- all necessary hardware to install kit

We recommend you use an impact when installing these parts. Failure to do so may result in the torque converter coming apart and possible injury.

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