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Mikuni Fuel Cap Inlet Gasket
34-28 Mikuni Fuel Cap Inlet Gasket
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Mikuni Fuel Cap Inlet Gasket

Part Number: 34-28
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Gasket Fuel Cap Inlet Mikuni
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The Mikuni Fuel Inlet Cap Gasket Seals the Fuel Cap to the carburetor inlet plate to leak fuel. 

Unlike the Tillotson Gasket, this is a rubber gasket, not a cork. The Rubber does not shrink like the Tillotson, but it can deteriorate, passing debris through the carburetor. Debris can prevent the inlet needle from sealing or keep the grose jets open, creating an uncontrolled rich condition flooding the engine. It's essential to check your gasket and diaphragm every three races as part of your regular maintenance. 

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