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P10-RK EC Pro Single Stack Rebuild Kit
P10-RK EC Pro Single Stack Rebuild Kit
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P10-RK EC Pro Single Stack Rebuild Kit

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P10-RK (2-Plate, Single Stack)

 Kit includes:

  • Inlet seat 16.42.mm long(.645”)
  • Inlet seat gasket
  • Captured inlet needle
  • Captured control lever
  • Low side body welch plug
  • Flange gasket
  • Main Diaphragm
  • Main Diaphragm gasket
  • Pump gasket
  • Pump diaphragm .004” thick
  • Fuel strainer gasket (cork)
  • 2 Needle Packing O-RIng
  • Inlet Fuel Screen - Brass


This P10-RK  Rebuild Kit is used in the Comer 80 Racing Engine with the Tillotson Carburetor

HL-166B or PRD Fire Ball with the HL-395A

This Tillotson Rebuild Kit is also used in the lawn and garden and industrial equipment like concrete saws and compactors with the following Tillotson Carburetors,
HL-109B, HL-112D, HL-125C, HL-132C, HL-155B, HL-158A,HL-166B, HL-166C, HL-166D, HL-166E, HL-172A, HL-172B, HL-180B, HL-189A, HL-205B, HL-217A, HL-218A, HL-220A, HL-223A, HL-239B, HL-239BE, HL-256A, HL-257A, HL-258A, HL-258B, HL-270A, HL-292A, HL-292B, HL-292C, HL-292D, HL-292E, HL-296A, HL-296E, HL-299C, HL-301A, HL-326A, HL-327B, HL-327C, HL-327D, HL-338A, HL-351A, HL-352A, HL-357A, HL-357B, HL-364A, HL-366A, HL-367A, HL-369A, HL-371A, HL-372A, HL-392A, HL-395A

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