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P13-DG EC Pro Single Stack HL Diaphragm Gasket Kit
P13-DG EC Pro Single Stack HL Diaphragm Gasket Kit
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P13-DG EC Pro Single Stack HL Diaphragm Gasket Kit

Part Number: P13-DG
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P13-DG Diaphragm Gasket Kit

Kit includes:

  • Main Diaphragm
  • Main Diaphragm gasket
  • Pump Diaphragm (.004”)
  • Pump Diaphram Gasket
  • Inlet Fuel Screw – Brass
  • Fuel Inlet Cork Gasket


This Tillotson Diaphragm Kit is used in racing engines using the following carburetors: HL-166B&C, HL-152A, HL-334B,HL,334WX( gas 2 plate vesion) HL-357A&B, HL-395A, HL-388A

This Tillotson Diaphragm Gasket Kit is also used in the lawn & garden and industrial equipment like concrete saws and compactors with the following carburetors.

Suits Stihl chainsaws model 08,070,090,TS08,TS350,TF350 fitted with HL carburetors: HL-108A, HL-109B, HL-112A, HL-112B, HL-112C, HL-112D, HL-117A, HL-117B, HL-117C, HL-117E, HL-121BX, HL-125A, HL-125B, HL-125C, HL-129A, HL-130A, HL-132A, HL-132B, HL-132C, HL-132E, HL-132F, HL-141D, HL-141E, HL-147A, HL-147B,HL-152A, HL-155A, HL-155B, HL-158A, HL-158E, HL-159A, HL-166A, HL-166B HL-166C, HL-166D, HL-166E, HL-172A, HL-172B, HL-174A, HL-175A, HL-176A, HL-180A, HL-180B, HL-189A, HL-189E, HL-201A, HL-202A, HL-203A, HL-204A, HL-205B, HL-207B, HL-208A, HL-212A, HL-214B, HL-215A, HL-217A, HL-218A, HL-220A, HL-220AX, HL-222A, HL-223A, HL-229A, HL-229E, HL-229F, HL-230A, HL-231A, HL-240A, HL-244A, HL-247A, HL-248A, HL-249A, HL-250A, HL-253A, HL-254A, HL-255A, HL-256A, HL-257A, HL-258A, HL-258B, HL-259A, HL-260A, HL-261A, HL-262A, HL-266A, HL-267A, HL-270A, HL-273A, HL-274A, HL-274E, HL-276A, HL-279A, HL-280A, HL-282A, HL-282B, HL-283A, HL-284A, HL-285A, HL-286A, HL-290A, HL-292A, HL-292B, HL-292C, HL-292D, HL-292E, HL-293B, HL-293C, HL-293E, HL-294A, HL-295A, HL-296A, HL-296E, HL-299A, HL-299AX, HL-299C, HL-299E, HL-299F, HL-301A, HL-301E, HL-306A, HL-306B, HL-307A, HL-307B, HL-307E, HL-309A,HL-334B,HL-334WX, HL-357A&B,HL-388A, HL-395A


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