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P19-RK EC Pro HR Rebuild Kit
P19-RK EC Pro HR Rebuild Kit
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P19-RK EC Pro HR Rebuild Kit

Part Number: P19-RK
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P19-RK (2-Plate, Single Stack)

This Kit fits single stack HR Tillotson Carburetors in original condition. Due to the age of many of these carburetors they are commonly modified from their original condition. It is alos not uncommon to find these parts will interchange with other carburetors. We make no garantee that they will fit any other carburetor than the HR single stack carburetors. There is no refund for this part if you attempt to us this kit in any other carburetor. If you do not see your carburetor and not sure if this kit will work for you please contact us before ordering.

Kit Fits: HR-1A, HR-2A, HR-2B, HR-3A, HR-3B, HR-4A, HR-5A, HR-6A, HR-7A, HR-8A, HR-9A, HR-10A, HR-11A, HR-12A,
HR-13A, HR-14A, HR-15A, HR-18A, HR-37A, HR-38A, HR-41A, HR47A, HR-50A, HR-52A, HR-58A, HR-61A, HR-62A, HR-64A, HR-65A, HR-66A, HR-68A, HR-71A, HR-73A, HR-74A, HR-78A, HR-81A, HR-82A, HR-83A, HR-113A, HR-114A, HR-115A,
HR-122A, HR-137A, HR-143A, HR-144A, HR-144B, HR-145A, HR-146A, HR-147A, HR-148A, HR-149A, HR-152A, HR-153A,
HR-155A, HR-156A, HR-157A, HR-169A, HR-170A, HR-177A, HR-179A, HR-185A

Kit Includes:

• Main Diaphragm

• Diaphragm Gasket

• Fuel Pump Diaphragm

• Fuel pump Diaphragm Gasket

• Brass Fuel Strainer Screen

• Fuel Strainer Cork Gasket

• .375 Welch Plug

• .093" id Inlet Seat with Cross Hole (overall length .538)

• Uncaptured Inlet Needle

• Uncaptured Fulcrum Arm

• Inlet Seat Gasket

• High/Low Side Needle O-Ring

• 1.375 HR Flange Gasket

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