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POPG2 EC 0-30lbs Carburetor Pop-Off Gauge
POPG-2 EC 0-30lbs Carburetor Pop-Off Gauge
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POPG2 EC 0-30lbs Carburetor Pop-Off Gauge

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The EC 0-30 Pop-Off Gauge is used to measure your inlet spring tension of your diaphragm carburetor. 

The pop-off pressure is not regulating fuel pressure but controls fuel flow and volume to the high and low side circuits especially at low speed. The pop-off pressure can be calibrated to offer changes to the carburetors tuning and performance. 

Calibrating your pop-off pressure can be done with inlet tension springs or by changing the install height of the spring with the fulcrum arm height or by using small shims. 

Not only does the Pop-Off Gauge check pop-off pressure its important to use it to check for leaks. Leaks under the seat or between the needle and seat can cause flooding or extreme rich conditions that are hard to control with the high and low speed adjustment needles. 

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