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R-37 EC 32mm Stainless Steel 5mm Valves
EC 32mm Stainless Steel Valve with 5mm Stem
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R-37 EC 32mm Stainless Steel 5mm Valves

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The First 5mm Stem Stainless Steel Valves for the Tillotson 212R, 225RS and Predator Non-Hemi Cylinder Heads

When we designed the Tillotson 212R, we decided to use the same 5mm valves as the Non-Hemi Predator for the Tillotson cylinder head. Not only were the head diameter larger but they were lighter than the 196 clones, Honda, and Predator Hemi Valves. Tillotson would use the same head for their 225R/RS Engines with stiffer springs. Unfortunately, they kept the stock valves which would not be suitable for stock appearing and modified running bigger more aggressive camshafts and higher spring pressure. Without any aftermarket valves available we took to having our own valves made to support the Tillotson and Predator heads. 

The smaller valve stem saves weight over the 5.5mm valves stems. Less weight means more rpm with less spring pressure. There is also a potential for better flow by reducing the obstruction in the bowl and choke an area of the port. The valves come nitrided on the top of the valve head and the stem to protect from heat and wear. 

These Valves are +.050 Longer than stock valves to allow more lift without coil binding. This will change the spring pressure of the springs so you may need to add a .050" shim to the bottom of the spring to have proper spring pressure for lower lift cams.

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