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Spindle Arm Curved
732 Curved Spindle Arm
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Spindle Arm Curved

Part Number: 732
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Axle Rear 1-1/4 Tubular Steel 38 Long
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The EC Curved Spindle Arm used to make our spindles for our adjustable front axles on a racing lawnmower was originally used on our Gemini XR-1 Kart Chassis. 

You can use the 732 spindle arm with the 731 spindle kingpin bearing housing or 2507 Forged Spindles to create your own front spindles. Our spindle arms have proven to be very durable in our racing go-karts and handling the weight of heavy racing lawnmower chassis. 

The EC curved spindle arm is designed to clear 6в€ÅƒÅ› racing go-kart wheels and has three holes for adjusting Ackerman effect between the two wheels. 

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