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EC Tech Review: HL-334WX, The Engine Builder's Carburetor

The HL-334WX has been selling since the early 2000s. We're writing this article to explain some of the histories behind the purpose and design of the carburetor. In our experience, a generation of kart racers is about 5 years. This means we have had almost 4 generations of racers that may not know why the carburetor was created or its purpose. Even for those that may have been racing since the carburetor was introduced, may find new information or details to the back story of the HL-334WX and HL-304WX.
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EC Tech Review: EC’s Banzai .265 Race Cam

In the world of performance camshaft selection is often a critical choice in how your engine performs. Small engine racing, unlike the automotive world, there are limited choices in cam builders and cam catalogs. Around the time we had the concept of what would become the Tillotson 225RS we started piecing together what components we needed to achieve a strong power band for a relatively low rpm engine ideally for mini bike engines. 

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EC Tech Review: The new Tillotson Racing Blocks designed by EC Carburetors

EC Tech Review: The new Tillotson Racing Blocks designed by EC Carburetors

We have been the primary Tillotson importer and distributor for kart racing for over 35 years. Not only are we master blueprinters that can get the most from a Tillotson carburetor that dominate the limited and open races across the country, but we have also designed many different base models for Tillotson in that time. Tillotson trusts our knowledge and expertise. That's why they came to us to help them develop their engine programs. 

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