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Thor Oil Light Synthetic Engine Oil - 1 Gallon
100B-THOR Thor Oil Light Engine Oil - Front Label
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Thor Oil Light Synthetic Engine Oil - 1 Gallon

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Thor Oil Light is a synthetic oil designed for specifically for splash lube kart racing engines.

Thor Oil recommends this oil is recommended for all Flathead and Animal restricted classes and all Flathead and Clone stock classes (light, medium, heavy). Animals turning under 7,500 rpm can also use the Light oil

EC's recommendation is to use this oil for restricted and low rpm engines and low kart weight. We believe with the RPMs stockers are now turning and the additional load from the adult kart weights Thor Medium offers a little more protection. Remember our oiling systems have no filter and we run higher engine temperatures compared to your kart hauler. This means oil breaks down and gets dirty quicker requiring frequent oil changes. We recommend changing the oil at least once every race day per class. If you run your engine in multiple classes then you will need to change it more often.

Thor Oil the most cost-effective oil in karting. This is what has made Thor Oil one of the most popular karting oils on the market.

Thor oil has proven its durability under racing conditions encountered in Gold Cup, Pavement, and Dirt National and Divisional Series, and of course local kart racing. Thor Oil does not produce the carbon build-up on the engine head and piston as encountered in other oils. Thor Oil will not mix with petroleum-based oils(Conventional Oils) or PAO Synthetic oils. To ensure you are not mixing the wrong types of oil completely flush your oil from your engine and components. This may require an engine teardown.

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