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Tillett Sprint Kart/Outlaw Lawnmower Plastic Race Seat
3250 Outlaw Lawnmower Plastic Race
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Tillett Sprint Kart/Outlaw Lawnmower Plastic Race Seat

Part Number: 3250
Online Price: $119.21
Seat Outlaw Race Lawnmower Plastic
Availability: Out of Stock.


The Tillett Plastic Race Seat is the preferred racing seat for FX and Outlaw Racing Lawnmowers. 

Originally used as an Extra Large Euro-Style Sprint Go Kart Seat used in the rental race kart market, the design is based on the T8 shape of racing Tillett seats. The plastic seat offers a slightly less expensive alternative and longer-lasting option than the fiberglass selections. The vacuum-formed Tillett plastic rental seats have 8 mm thick edges to keep them rigid. They are made from almost indestructible HD Polypropylene, making the Tillett rental one of the highest-quality plastic seats available today.

This seat is very popular with Outlaw, FXS, and FXT Lawnmower classes that allow the use of aftermarket seats that sit very low to the bottom of the chassis. The stiff karting style seat is designed for high amounts of grip and high-speed cornering to hold the driver in place without flexing, making driving more comfortable for the driver. 

Due to the size of this seat it is considered oversize and will have additional surcharges for shipping; there are no product or shipping discounts on this seat. 

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