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Tillotson .040 Thick Fuel Pump Gasket
219 Tillotson .040 Fuel Pump Gasket
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Tillotson .040 Thick Fuel Pump Gasket

Part Number: 219
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Fuel Pump Gasket .040
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219 Tillotson .040 Fuel Pump Gasket for the Standard Volume(Single Stack, Gas) Fuel Pump Plates. 

This gasket will not work on a high volume(double stack, alky) fuel pump stack. The Tillotson Fuel Pump Gasket goes below the fuel pump diaphragm. If your gasket is above the diaphragm, this will cause tuning problems and hurt your carburetor's performance. 

There are two different sized fuel pump gaskets for the Tillotson Carburetor. The stock gasket is .020" thick and is usually specified by many rulebooks. A thicker .040" gasket allows more fuel to be pumped through the carburetor, giving more freedom and opportunity better carburetor tuning and performance. Check your rules before ordering. 

The 219 is the thicker gasket at .040-inch increases the fuel chamber volume allowing the carburetor to pump more fuel. We highly recommend using this gasket any time rules allow. 

219 .040-Inch Fuel Pump Gasket fits HL-1A, HL-129E, HL-132H, HL-166B&C, HL-189F, HL-227A,E, HL-229A, HL-321E, HL-232A,E, HL-250A,B,C,D,E HL-274E, HL-,292G, HL-293A,F,HL-299E, HL-334A,AA,B,AB,WX,WXA, WXG, HL-357A,B HL-360A, HL-383A, HL-384A&B, HL-385A, HL-388A,HL-395A and any other standard volume(Single stack, Gas) Pump Stack Tillotson Carburetors. 

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