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Tillotson 1.060 Throttle Shutter
14A-2 Tillotson 1.060" Throttle Shutter
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Tillotson 1.060 Throttle Shutter

Part Number: 14A-2
Online Price: $2.00
Throttle Shutter 1.060
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14A-2 OE Tillotson 1.060" Throttle Shutter 

Tillotson Carburetors build the first diaphragm carburetor in the '50s, and since they have to build many different carburetor sizes for thousands of applications. EC Carburetors has the largest inventory of Tillotson throttle shutters in the US. 

Fits HL-1A, HL-355A,HL-355B,HL-355C,HL-355D,HL-355E, HL-360A,HL-360B,HL-360C HL-375A.


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