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  5. Tillotson 1.125 Flange Gasket .020 Thick w/Pulse Hole
Tillotson 1.125 Flange Gasket .020 Thick w/Pulse Hole
206NP 1.125 Flange Gasket w/Pulse
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Tillotson 1.125 Flange Gasket .020 Thick w/Pulse Hole

Part Number: 206NP
Online Price: $0.99
Flange Gasket 1.125 with Pulse
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206NP 1.125 Flange Gasket w/Pulse fits Tillotson HL-380A, HL-380B, and all the EC X380 model carburetors

The Tillotson Flange gasket makes a seal between the carburetor and the intake. This flange gasket has a pulse hole that matches the pulse hole on your carburetor. The pulse hole should also match your intake manifold. Make sure you punch the hole for the flange gasket before installing it.

The intake can significantly influence the tune and performance of the carburetor. Beware of intakes using a notch instead of a complete circle which exposes the gasket to fuel that may deteriorate the paper gasketblocking the pulse hole or creating irregularities in the pulse. If in doubt, use only EC Built Intakes. 

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