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Tillotson 13-1894 Throttle Shaft Pull Down Gas
13-1894 Tillotson Pull Down Gas Throttle Shaft
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Tillotson 13-1894 Throttle Shaft Pull Down Gas

Part Number: 13-1894
Online Price: $18.14
Throttle Shaft and lever w/cable swivel assembly Gas pulls away from fuel inlet
Availability: Out of Stock.


13-1894 Tillotson Throttle Shaft Pull Down (Gas).

 Tillotson throttle shafts do more than hold and control the throttle shutter/butterfly. The throttle shaft is specific to particular designed carburetor bodies to pull from different sides of the carburetor and in different directions. This helps to identify the application of the carburetor in many cases.

Be aware that Tillotson carburetors are very modular, and the throttle shaft in your carburetor may not be the stock throttle shaft. If you need help identifying your throttle shaft, email us at [email protected]

Fits HL-1A, HL-227E, HL-304E, HL-334A, HL-334AA, HL-334AB, HL-334B, HL-350A, HL-360A, HL-375A, HL-384A, HL-384B, HL-385A.

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