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Tillotson 13B-215 HW Throttle Shaft
13B-215 Throttle Shaft for (HW-10A)
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Tillotson 13B-215 HW Throttle Shaft

Part Number: 13B-215
Online Price: $18.42
Throttle Shaft HW
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The HW Tillotson Avenger Series is the first of Tillotson's modern carburetor models that changes the appearance and performance from the traditional chainsaw power equipment diaphragm carburetor into a high-performance racing product.

The newest Tillotson Carburetors utilize a two-piece throttle shaft that separates the throttle lever from the throttle shaft giving the Tillotson carburetor even more modular options.

13B-215 Throttle Shaft for (HW-10A)

Tillotson OE Throttle Shaft for the HW-10 & HW-31 Model Carburetors

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