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Tillotson 196-212 Stock Carburetor Welch Plug
168F-391 GX200 Clone Welch Plug
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Tillotson 196-212 Stock Carburetor Welch Plug

Part Number: 168F-391
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Welch Plug Clone 196-212 Stock Carburetor
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The 168F-391 GX200 Welch Plug fits Ruixing, Hyaui, and SP carburetors on most clone and predator engines. 

The welch plug is different on the Tillotson PK-1 Carburetors. The Welch Plug or soft plug covers the low side circuit. In most cases, this welch plug doesn't need to be removed unless changing the fuel circuit or if the carburetor is unexpectedly erratic and all other orifices and components have been checked, cleaned, or replaced. In sporadic cases, debris can plug the holes under the welch plug. Be careful in removing welch plugs not to damage the body and fuel circuit. When welch plugs are installed, they do not require resin or epoxy but are wedged in place with a punch. Look for our welch plug installation tools in our carburetor tool section, part number 753

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