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Tillotson 196R 68mm Black Coated Metal Head Gasket .010 Thick
138190023B Tillotson Clone Cylinder Head Gasket Black (.010” Thick)
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Tillotson 196R 68mm Black Coated Metal Head Gasket .010 Thick

Part Number: 138190023B
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Head Gasket Tillotson 196 68mm Black Coated Metal .010 Thick
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The 138190023B Clone Coated Thin Metal Gasket is found on 196 clone engines. 

This gasket is the synthetic coated metal head gasket adding around .0015 total thickness. This coating provides better sealing versus non-coated versions. The thin head gaskets are used to gain compression on the standard 196cc or 68mm blocks. The head gasket fits the 68mm standard bore and bore sizes up to +.75mm over. The head gasket fits most 68mm bore blocks, including Clone 6.5hp 196, Ducar 196, Tillotson 196R/RS, Box Stock 196, and Honda GX200 Engines. This gasket does not fit 70mm 212 Engines.

Gasket Specs

Metal with Coating

.010 ± .001 Thick

Maximum Bore 68.9mm ± .05mm

AKRA 2020 Rules for Head Gasket

Head Gasket/s may be aftermarket, must be of stock configuration, gasket thickness is a non-tech item, sealer allowed to ensure a proper seal. 

NKA 2020 Rules for Head Gasket Minimum Combustion Chamber Volume

Minimum combustion chamber volume when mounted on engine @ TDC is 26.5cc. This is to be done after the event and when the engine has cooled down to

a reasonable temperature. The Head gasket is required, but the thickness is non-tech and can be either steel or aluminum. Multiple head gaskets are allowed.

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