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Tillotson 196R Standard 68mm Piston Only
138190008 Tillotson Clone Standard 68mm Dished Piston
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Tillotson 196R Standard 68mm Piston Only

Part Number: 138190008
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Piston Only Tillotson 196R Standard 68mm
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The 68mm Piston fits the standard bore on 196cc Clone engines. 

The piston is cherry-picked at the factory for the lightest legal piston assembly. This piston fits any 68mm bore block, including the Tillotson 196R, Ducar 196, BSP 196, Honda GX200, and any other 196cc 6.5hp clone engine. If using an original Honda GX200 or GX160, you must use the clone ring pack as the Honda Rings may not correctly fit. 

Piston Specs

68mm(2.675") (Standard Bore)

Avg Weight 146g

-Compression Height .9235" ± .005

Dish Top

AKRA 2020 Rules for Piston & Rings
The piston must be unaltered box stock only. Overall piston length 1.935" max, 1.920" min and from top of wrist pin to the top of piston .580" max. The arrow on top of the piston must be pointed towards valves/lifters. Overall length wrist pin 2.100" min, inside diameter .550" max. Top ring and middle ring .115" max-width, .060" max thickness.) Filing of ring end gaps permitted including oil expander, max end gap .040" (top rings only.) The lapping of rings permitted for proper seal. Piston Ring must be on the piece (unbroken) when presented for tech. Piston Rings must be self-supporting in the cylinder bore when checked installed on the piston with a connecting rod attached (rod cap and bolts installed are not required for this check). Minimum weight of piston 145 grams. Honing of wrist pin journals permitted. The bore surface must remain flat and retain stock configuration edges. The skirt of the piston must retain as produced no chamfering, radius, or breaking of edges permitted. Up to .010" over piston allowed

NKA 2020 Rules for Piston & Rings

40.4.12: Piston Must be of a three-ring design. Minimum weight of 145 grams with Oil Expander Ring and two rail

rings installed. Piston length is 1.935" max, 1.910" minimum. .580" max top of

wrist pin hole to top of the piston as measured with a dial caliper. Standard bore is 2.685", maximum overbore allowed is 2.700". The piston is not allowed to be any higher than the deck of the block

at TDC, zero tolerance (zero deck height). No flat top piston allowed; must be dished-OEM w/no modifications. Aftermarket pistons and/or sizes up to .25mm (0.010") over are

permitted. Machining of the piston is prohibited.

40.4.13: Piston Rings It is mandatory that all three rings be intact and functional. Top ring must be the chrome face ring No alterations of rings are permitted. Ring Sizes

-Top Ring

.058" +/-.005" height & .115" maximum width.

-Middle Ring

.058" +/-.005" height & .115" maximum width.

Oil Expander Ring (reference)

.095" +/-.005" height & .092" +/-.005" width

40.4.14: Ring Tension Requirement

Top two rings must support themselves in the cylinder when removed from the piston. They cannot fall through the cylinder.

- The bottom ring is a non-tech item regarding tension. The bottom expander ring & two rail rings, when mounted on piston and rod in place, should support piston in

the cylinder when inserted upside-down.

40.4.15: Ring Tension Inspection Procedure

Top 2 rings must support themselves without assistance in the cylinder.

Each of the top two rings should be placed, individually, approx. one inch

(1") down in the cylinder.

-  Square ring with piston turned upside down.

If the ring supports itself, it is legal.

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