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Tillotson 233-669 Uncaptured Needle, Seat & Gasket Kit
233-669 Tillotson Uncaptured Needle, Seat & Gasket Kit
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Tillotson 233-669 Uncaptured Needle, Seat & Gasket Kit

Part Number: 233-669
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Needle Seat Gasket Kit UnCaptured
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The 233-669 Tillotson Fuel Inlet Needle, Seat, and Gasket Kit is often used to convert gas carburetors into methanol carburetors, and the fuel inlet seat is sometimes used referred to as an alky seat. 

This seat has the largest orifice for flowing fuel in the Tillotson catalog. It's often used in gas carburetors, mainly rotary and reed valve 2-cycle race engines, big displacement piston port 2-cycle, and large 4-cycle engines. But for many small-displacement engines with smaller carburetors, the seat is used to run methanol 4-cycle engines.

The Fuel Inlet Needle is known as an uncaptured needle. The fulcrum arm lever does not "capture" the needle instead;, the lever tap sits on top of the needleThis type of needle is commonly used on a 4-cycle kart engine where the carburetor fuel inlet is usually facing upward. 

When replacing your seat, it's essential to measure the length and the fuel orifice to have a correct seat for your carburetor, especially ones that have been blueprinted, built, or modified.

Seat Orifice: 0.093"

Seat Length: 0.535"

Kit includes:

.093" Seat

Uncaptured Needle

16B-199 Copper Seat Gasket

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