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Tillotson 24B-381 Throttle Return Spring
24B-381 Tillotson Throttle Return Spring
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Tillotson 24B-381 Throttle Return Spring

Part Number: 24B-381
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Throttle Shaft Return Spring
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Tillotson Throttle Shaft Return Spring is made to hold tension against the throttle cable to hold the butterfly closed. 

Each spring is designed for different carburetor bodies/throttle shafts. If you need help, use one of our carburetor reference sheets on our technical page or call us for the correct spring.

We recommend having two forms of throttle return spring(throttle shaft, throttle lever, throttle cable, throttle rod, etc.) on your throttle if possible. 

24B-381 OE Tillotson Throttle Shaft Return Spring fits HL-227E, HL-231E, HL-304E, HL-304WX, HL-334A, HL-334B, HL-334AA, HL-334AB, HL-334WX,HL-348F, HL-350A, HL-360A, HL-375A, HL-384A, HL-384B, HL-385A,HL-388A, HW-10A, HW-11A, HW-12A

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