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Tillotson 24B-449 Idle/High Speed Mixture Screw Spring
24B-449 Tillotson Idle/High Speed Mixture Screw Spring
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Tillotson 24B-449 Idle/High Speed Mixture Screw Spring

Part Number: 24B-449
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Idle High Speed Mixture Screw Spring
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Tillotson High/Low-Speed Mixture Screw Spring adds tension to the carburetor's fuel mixture screws on the high and low side circuits to hold them to the carburetor. 

If you are experiencing tuning screw adjustments more than three turns out, you may have incorrect carburetor, carburetor problems, or fuel delivery issues. Running the screw out more than three turns risks the adjustment screw backing out. To temporarily fix this problem, add an extra mixture screw washer. Contact your engine or carburetor builder if you cannot fix your issues.

24B-449 OE Tillotson High/Low Speed Mixture Screw Spring Fits HL-1A HL-129E,HL-132H,HL-166B&C,HL-189F,HL-227A,E,HL-229A,HL-321E,HL-232A,E, HL-250A,B,C,D,E HL-274E, HL-,292G,HL-293A,F,HL-299E,HL-304E, HL-304WX,WXA,WXG,HL-306A, HL-314E,HL-314F&G, HL-324A,HL-334A,AA,B,AB,WX,WXA,WXG,HL-339A,HL-341A,HL-342A, HL-348A,B,C,D,E, HL-352A,HL-355A,B,C,D,E HL-357A,B, HL-360A, HL-360B,C HL-365A&B,HL-366A,HL-368A,HL-371A,HL-374A, HL-380A,B, HL-383A, HL-384A&B, HL-385A, HL-388A,HL-395A,HR-181B,HR-184A,HR190A,HR-191C,HR-191G,HR-196A,HW-10A,B HW-11A,B, HW-12A, HW-17A, HW-19A, HW-22A, HW-23A, HW-27A, HW-30A, HW-31A, HW-32A, HW-33A, HW-34A, HW-35A, HW-43A, HB-10A, HB-11A, HB-12A, HC-103A,HC-112A, HM-1A, HM-2A, HM-12A, HX-10A, HX-12A

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