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Tillotson 43-967 Brass Idle/High Mixture Screw
43-967 Tillotson Brass Idle/High Mixture Screw
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Tillotson 43-967 Brass Idle/High Mixture Screw

Part Number: 43-967
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Idle High Speed Mixture Screw Brass
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43-967 Tillotson Brass High/Low Mixture Screw is used as the high-speed screw on some HL carburetors especially those running on methanol but also used as the low speed or idle mixture screw on HR model carburetors. 

The high side adjustment screw controls fuel to the high side nozzle or high side orifice. The high side adjustment is tuned for peak rpm of your engine. For racing, the needle is tuned on your longest straightaway or longest part of the course at wide-open throttle. 

The low speed controls the fuel that enters the low side fuel well. This low side adjustment screw is sometimes called an idle mixture screw but it does more than control the idle. The low side screw also controls the low speed, and midrange and can be viewed as the main circuit of the carburetor. 

On 2-cycle engines, the original engines for the Tillotson carburetors, these carburetors do idle. On 4-cycle engines, the carburetors are too rich at idle, especially on methanol. This condition causes a dead spot or hesitation and leaning the low side will cause the engine to run flat and not accelerate. Both conditions are fixed by not setting the low side mixture or idle speed screw to idle the carburetor. 

43-967 Tillotson Brass High/Low Mixture Screw fits HL-227E, HL-229A,E, HL232E,HL-293A,F, HL304E, HL-334A,B, HL-339A,HL-350A,HL-363C,

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