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Tillotson 43-988 Idle Mixture Screw
43-988 Tillotson Idle Mixture Screw
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Tillotson 43-988 Idle Mixture Screw

Part Number: 43-988
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Idle Mixture Screw
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43-988 Tillotson Brass High-Speed Mixture Screw is commonly found on methanol open carburetors in kart racing. 

The high side adjustment screw controls fuel to the high side nozzle or high side orifice. The high side adjustment is tuned for the peak rpm of your engine. For racing, the needle is tuned on your longest straightaway or longest part of the course at wide-open throttle. 

43-988 Tillotson Brass High Speed Mixture Screw fits HL-293F, HL-355A,B,C,D,E, HL-360B,C, HL,363C, HL-380A,B


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