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Tillotson 95-180 Body Channel Cup Screen
95-180 Tillotson Body Channel Cup Screen
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Tillotson 95-180 Body Channel Cup Screen

Part Number: 95-180
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Body Channel Cup Screen
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The Tillotson Body Channel Screen fits in the carburetor body's fuel circuit where there is no check valve nozzle. 

This screen is not for straining or filtering fuel but to prevent debris from the air inlet from entering the carburetor body. 

The body channel screen is held in place by a retaining ring and covered by the body channel cup plug. Check your carburetor and carburetor listing for the correct parts before ordering. 

95-180 OE Tillotson Body Channel Cup Screen fits carburetors: HL-132H, HL-189F, HL-304WX, HL-334WX

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