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Tillotson Blue Fuel Inlet Cap/Strainer Cover
91A-351 Tillotson Blue Fuel Inlet/Strainer Cover
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Tillotson Blue Fuel Inlet Cap/Strainer Cover

Part Number: 91A-351
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Blue Fuel Inlet Strainer Cover
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The Tillotson Fuel Inlet Strainer Cap is colored for identification rather than visual preference. 

The Blue Cap is fuel and chemical resistant and what is commonly comes on carburetors with high volume(double stack, Alky) Pump plates. 

This cap can be used for gas or methanol applications. We suggest using the factory cap at a minimum, but if your rules allow, we recommend using our EC Red Cap for the plastic cap's best flow and cap strength. If you want a shatterproof fuel cap, we also have our EC Billet fuel cap. Check your rules and carburetor listing before ordering.

91A-351 OE Tillotson Blue Fuel Inlet/Strainer Cover is a universal fitment with Tillotson carburetors and works on HL, HW, HR, HB, HM, HX Model Carburetors. 

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