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Tillotson DG5-HL OEM Diaphragm Gasket Kit
DG-5HL Tillotson OEM Diaphragm Gasket Kit
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Tillotson DG5-HL OEM Diaphragm Gasket Kit

Part Number: DG5-HL
Online Price: $9.35
fits Tillotson Standard Volume or Single Stack Fuel Pump Plates
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The Tillotson OE Diaphragm gasket kits use high-quality OEM components. 

They prove to be far superior to almost all aftermarket kits and individual pieces. To ensure your carburetor's performance and longevity, use Tillotson OE Diaphragms Kits or our EC Pro Kits that use many Tillotson OE parts and components suitable for racing conditions and performance. 

This is a standard gasket and diaphragm kit designed for a standard volume(single stack, gas) pump plate on Tillotson carburetors. 

This kit uses the thin .004" Tillotson pump diaphragm for an engine less than 60cc. It's also used on bigger racing 2-cycle kart engines as a qualifying diaphragm. The trade-off for the fast responding diaphragm is longevity. We do not recommend running this diaphragm for main features or heat races for engines over 60cc. 

For race engines less than 60cc, we recommend replacing the gaskets and diaphragms every 3 races or seeing a drop in performance sooner. For OE applications less than 60cc change the gaskets and diaphragms every 4-6 weeks or as soon as you have trouble starting and tuning the carburetor. We recommend using ethanol-free gasoline, especially in 4-cycle applications, or the gasket and diaphragms will require more frequent replacement. 

This kit includes

.004" Pump Diaphragm

.020" Pump Diaphragm Gasket

Main Metering Diaphragm

Main Metering Diaphragm Gasket

DG5-HL Tillotson OEM Diaphragm Gasket Kit fits all standard volume(single stack, gas) fuel pump carburetors, including these racing carburetorsHL-166B&C, HL-152A, HL-334B, HL,334WX( gas 2 plate version) HL-357A&B, HL-395A, HL-388A

This Tillotson Diaphragm Gasket Kit is also used in the lawn & garden and industrial equipment like concrete saws and compactors with the following carburetors.

Suits Stihl chainsaws model 08,070,090,TS08,TS350,TF350 fitted with HL carburetors: HL-108A, HL-109B, HL-112A, HL-112B, HL-112C, HL-112D, HL-117A, HL-117B, HL-117C, HL-117E, HL-121BX, HL-125A, HL-125B, HL-125C, HL-129A, HL-130A, HL-132A, HL-132B, HL-132C, HL-132E, HL-132F, HL-141D, HL-141E, HL-147A, HL-147B,HL-152A, HL-155A, HL-155B, HL-158A, HL-158E, HL-159A, HL-166A, HL-166B HL-166C, HL-166D, HL-166E, HL-172A, HL-172B, HL-174A, HL-175A, HL-176A, HL-180A, HL-180B, HL-189A, HL-189E, HL-201A, HL-202A, HL-203A, HL-204A, HL-205B, HL-207B, HL-208A, HL-212A, HL-214B, HL-215A, HL-217A, HL-218A, HL-220A, HL-220AX, HL-222A, HL-223A, HL-229A, HL-229E, HL-229F, HL-230A, HL-231A, HL-240A, HL-244A, HL-247A, HL-248A, HL-249A, HL-250A, HL-253A, HL-254A, HL-255A, HL-256A, HL-257A, HL-258A, HL-258B, HL-259A, HL-260A, HL-261A, HL-262A, HL-266A, HL-267A, HL-270A, HL-273A, HL-274A, HL-274E, HL-276A, HL-279A, HL-280A, HL-282A, HL-282B, HL-283A, HL-284A, HL-285A, HL-286A, HL-290A, HL-292A, HL-292B, HL-292C, HL-292D, HL-292E, HL-293B, HL-293C, HL-293E, HL-294A, HL-295A, HL-296A, HL-296E, HL-299A, HL-299AX, HL-299C, HL-299E, HL-299F, HL-301A, HL-301E, HL-306A, HL-306B, HL-307A, HL-307B, HL-307E, HL-309A,HL-334B, HL-334WX, HL-357A&B,  HL-395A, HL-388A

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