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Tillotson HK Inlet Fulcrum Arm
155A-53 Tillotson HK Inlet Fulcrum Arm
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Tillotson HK Inlet Fulcrum Arm

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Inlet Fulcrum Arm HK
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The Tillotson Fulcrum arm lifts the fuel inlet needle to allow fuel to enter the high and low side fuel circuits.

That means the fulcrum arm can impact the fuel flow and tune of the carburetor.

Fulcrum Arm Height is the measurement between the carburetor gasket surface to the tip of the fulcrum arm.

Factory Fulcrum Arm Height is typically set at .085". We can set the Fulcrum Arm Height using our 705 EC Tillotson Gas Fulcrum Arm Gauge.

The 155A-53 OE Tillotson Inlet Control Lever/Fulcrum Arm is "captured." Tillotson's Captured Fulcrum arm differs from uncaptured fulcrum arm by capturing the dowel on the needle valve with the forked end of the fulcrum arm. This Fulcrum Arm is for HK Model carburetors and will not work in the HL and HR models.

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