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Tillotson HL-304WXA 4-Cycle OHV Methanol Carburetor
HL-304WXA Tillotson Methanol (Alky) Carburetor
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Tillotson HL-304WXA 4-Cycle OHV Methanol Carburetor

Part Number: HL-304WXA
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Carburetor OHV Methanol Alky
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This carburetor was produced by Tillotson and was designed by the team at EC Carburetors in the late 90's/early 2000s

The HL-304WX bodies are designed as the OHV versions of the HL-348 Carburetors, built to be the new super stock or limited built carburetor for the OHV kart racing markets. 

Tillotson Carburetor Numbers ending with G or A does not indicate whether it's a Gas or Alky Carburetor, which is a misconception made by the fact the HL-334WXG HL-304WXG are gas carburetors, and the HL-334WXA HL-304WXA is Methanol(Alky) Carburetors. The numbers are usually the body core, and the letters are generally the blueprint or fuel circuit design or revision made on that body. Check your listing before ordering. 

The HL-304WXA's fuel circuitry is designed as mild methanol(alky) blueprint. This makes run out of the box on virtually any OHV engine around 200cc in displacement, including the Briggs Animal, GX200 Honda, and the many Clones and Predators. It has enough room for improvement based on engine class rules and modifications without needing to lean the circuit. 

Run only on pure methanol. DO NOT USE ANY TOP LUBE! Do not confuse Methanol with Ethanol- it will not run on Ethanol or ethanol blend fuels, Period!

Engines with camshaft bigger than 275, more displacement, or bigger than stock valves will have more gains if the HL-304WXA is blueprinted. You may find our Dominator 304 better suited for your application.

HL-304WXA Carburetor Specs:

Methanol(Alky) (OHV)

High Volume(Double Stack, Alky) Pump Plates

Venturi .880
- Throttle Bore 1.00
- Flange Bolt Spacing 1.8125."

Use Our 
P6-MDG EC Pro Gasket Kit for replacing gasket and diaphragms or P8-MRK EC Pro Rebuild Kit for Complete Rebuilds.

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