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Tillotson HL-334B 2-Cycle Gas Carburetor
HL-334B Tillotson Gas Carburetor
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Tillotson HL-334B 2-Cycle Gas Carburetor

Part Number: HL-334B
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Carburetor Gas
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The HL-334B Tillotson carburetor Is just like the HL-334A except it has an external pulse port for piston port engines used in Europe and South America for the Cadet Classes. 

It also uses for T.A.G. Classes here in the U.S.A.

HL-334B Carburetor Specs:

• Gas (2-Cycle Piston Port, TAG)

• Standard Volume(Single Stack, Gas) Pump Plates

• Venturi .750
• Throttle Bore 1.00
• Flange Bolt Spacing 1.8125"

Use Our P9-DG or P1-DG(if legal) EC Pro Gasket Kit for replacing gasket and diaphragms or P11-RK or P3-RK(if legal) EC Pro Rebuild Kit for Complete Rebuilds

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