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Tillotson HR Nozzle Check Valve
363-508 Tillotson Nozzle Check Valve
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Tillotson HR Nozzle Check Valve

Part Number: 363-508
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Check Valve Nozzle
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The Tillotson Nozzle Check Valve has the primary function of protecting the inside of the carburetor in case of a back-fire. 

The check ball seals off the inside of the carburetor preventing damage. While the nozzle length and shape can influence signal and the carburetorДђЛ›Дђв€Ñ™Ð“ўв€Ñ›Ð›ï¿½s tune, the check ball itself is not a tuning mechanism. 

If you are experiencing a flooding condition where the high side is leaking fuel at idle, the check ball is not the cause of this problem. Most often, this is due to a leaking seat and or needle valve not sealing.

Most Tillotson Nozzles are press-in, but there are some carburetors that use a threaded nozzle. The 363-508 is one that is threaded used on most HR Carburetors. Be sure of which one comes in your carburetor before pressing them out. When replacing the nozzle, make sure the adjustment screw is not in the body as it may damage the needle. When the nozzle is put back in making sure the side hole lines up with the pick-off hole, the fuel circuit's hole where the adjustment screw goes, or you may experience tuning and performance issues. 

Always check your carburetor listing before ordering, and if you donДђЛ›Дђв€Ñ™Ð“ўв€Ñ›Ð›ï¿½t have a listing, measure the length and diameter to match your nozzle. 

Nozzle Length: 0.310"

363-508 OE Tillotson Nozzle Check Valve fits Tillotson carburetor HR-181, HR-184, HR-190A, HR-191C, HR-191G HR-192A

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