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Tillotson HW-11B 2-Cycle KF2 Gas Avenger Carburetor
HW-11A Tillotson Avenger Carburetor
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Tillotson HW-11B 2-Cycle KF2 Gas Avenger Carburetor

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Carburetor Tillotson 2-Cycle KF2 Gas Avenger
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The HW-11B is an updated version of the HW-11A with metric thread on the adjustment jets to de-sensitive the setting and is fitted with the half shaft butterfly system which improves the engine throttle response.

This is the first model to be fitted with the Tillotson Enrichment Circuit, offering excellent performance.

- New Venturi/Body Design
- Avenger Class Inlet Needle and Seat Design
- Avenger Class Idle/Acceleration Nozzle Design
- Avenger Class Acceleration Fuel Circuit Design

Carburetor Settings:

KF Engines vary by manufacturer, manufacture date, and tuning. For optimum performance, you might need to try different settings. Below is a list of recommended settings, starting with the most recent/most popular first. For best results, start with the most recent and then adjust first the High, then the Low needle each in 1-minute increments up to 3-5 minutes each (extreme conditions like hot or rainy weather may require a little more). If you are not satisfied, repeat the procedure with the next setting.

L= 1 Turn 0 minutes (1' 0); H=1 turn 5 minutes (1' 05)

L=1 Turn 15 minutes (1' 15); H=42 minutes (0'42)

Opening Pressure = 0.65 bar
Closing Pressure = 0.55 bar
Main: RK 1 HW and DG 1 HW
Optional: RK 2 HW and DG 2 HW

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