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Tillotson High Volume (Double Stack, Alky) Inlet Valve Diaphragm
237-155 Tillotson Inlet Valve Diaphragm
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Tillotson High Volume (Double Stack, Alky) Inlet Valve Diaphragm

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Inlet Valve Diaphragm
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237-155 Tillotson Inlet Valve Diaphragm is the actual works as a check valve for the carburetor. 

The High Volume, or what is known as a double-stack, has its fuel pump diaphragm separate from the fuel inlet/check valve diaphragm. The design is the reason for the additional plate and different designs. 

This diaphragm is what you will hear us call a "snakeskin" diaphragm as it resembles a snake's skin is actually a Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE, Teflon®) material. 

It is common for carburetor builders to convert gas carburetors into running methanol, which usually means changing the carburetor's pump stacks. We highly recommend buying a complete EC Pro Gasket or Rebuild when converting. This pump is also required to make the conversion to use the high-volume pump plates. 

Tillotson High Volume(Double Stack, Alky) Fuel Pump Diaphragm fits HL-304WX,WXA, HL-314F&G,HL-334WXA, HL-339A,HL-341A,HL-342A,HL-348A,B,C,D,E, HL-355A,B,C,D,E, HL-360B,C, HL-380A,B HR-181B, HR-184A, HR190A, HR-191C, HR-191G, HR-196A and other High Volume(Double Stack, Alky) Tillotson Carburetor

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