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Tillotson Orange/Red IAME Fuel Pump Gasket
16B-407 Tillotson Orange Spec Fuel Pump Gasket
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Tillotson Orange/Red IAME Fuel Pump Gasket

Part Number: 16B-407
Online Price: $2.76
Fuel Pump Gasket Standard Single Stack Gas Orange Red
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Tillotson made the Orange or Red Color Main Metering Gasket for the exclusive IAME engine's technical rules. 

The color gives tech officials and scrutineers a quick visual check without measuring the gasket. The spec gasket is usually required to be legal, especially at national events, but the rules are not as strict on the club and local levels of racing. In those cases, you can use the standard 16B-223 .020" Fuel Pump Gasket or, if allowed, the 219 .040" Fuel Pump Gasket. Check with your racing organization or club's rules and officials before ordering.

16B-407 Tillotson Orange/Red Spec Fuel Pump Gasket fits all Standard Volume(Single Stack, Gas)HL, HR, HW, HM, HX, HB carburetors but is mandated by the HW-27, HW-31, HW-33 for IAME Class Engines

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