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Tillotson RK-114HL OEM Standard Volume(Single Stack, Gas) Rebuild Kit
RK-114HL Tillotson OEM Single Stack Rebuild Kit
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Tillotson RK-114HL OEM Standard Volume(Single Stack, Gas) Rebuild Kit

Part Number: RK-114HL
Online Price: $18.99
fits Tillotson Standard Volume or Single Stack Fuel Pump Plates
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This is an Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM), Tillotson Rebuild Kit. 

This means you are receiving components built and tested for the proper operation of your carburetor on its intended application.

Beware of aftermarket kits often will reduce the longevity and performance of the carburetor. This can reduce the performance of your application and result in engine damage leading to failure. 

How to tell your parts are original Tillotson products:

All Tillotson Kits come in product bags with the Tillotson Logo

The aftermarket pump diaphragms do not have the same laminate finish as the Tillotson. This makes the aftermarket less resistant to chemicals and fuels, especially if fuels contain ethanol, methanol, or nitro. 

The aftermarket diaphragms, you may be able to feel the material's weaved texture and often feels thin and worn. 

Inlet Needle and Seat Leak after being installed. This results in flooding with fuel pouring out the high-speed nozzle or port at the idle or low side. This can be checked with a pop-off gauge.

Erratic and inconsistent needle tuning not experienced before the rebuild or servicing. 

The only "aftermarket" kits we stand behind are our EC Pro Kits. Our Kits use all Tillotson and equal or superior components suited for racing conditions and applications. 

This is a Standard Volume or what is known as a Single Stack or Gas Plate rebuild kit. While this is the most common style fuel pump stack for gas carburetors, it does not exclusively define a carburetor as a gas carburetor. A single stack is more accurate, but since the pump stack consists of two plates, some are still confusing. Therefore, we have started calling these fuel pump plates a standard volume pump. The difference between the standard(single stack, gas) and the high volume(double stack, Alky) pump stacks is the fuel volume that either stack can pump. 

Kit includes:
- Main Metering Diaphragm
- Main Metering Diaphragm gasket
- .004" Pump diaphragm 
- .020 Fuel Pump gasket
- Fuel strainer gasket (cork)
- Flange gasket
- Low side body welch plug
- Inlet seat 16.42.mm long(.645)
- Inlet seat gasket
- Captured inlet needle
- Captured control lever

The RK-114HL Tillotson OEM Rebuild Kit fits racing carburetors, including Comer 80 HL-166B Carburetor and PRD Fire Ball with the HL-395A

This Tillotson Rebuild Kit is also used in the lawn and garden and industrial equipment like concrete saws and compactors with the following Tillotson Carburetors: HL-109B, HL-112D, HL-125C, HL-132C, HL-155B, HL-158A, HL-166B, HL-166C, HL-166D, HL-166E, HL-172A, HL-172B, HL-180B, HL-189A, HL-205B, HL-217A, HL-218A, HL-220A, HL-223A, HL-239B, HL-239BE, HL-256A, HL-257A, HL-258A, HL-258B, HL-270A, HL-292A, HL-292B, HL-292C, HL-292D, HL-292E, HL-296A, HL-296E, HL-299C, HL-301A, HL-326A, HL-327B, HL-327C, HL-327D, HL-338A, HL-351A, HL-352A, HL-357A, HL-357B, HL-364A, HL-366A, HL-367A, HL-369A, HL-371A, HL-372A, HL-392A, HL-395A

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