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Tillotson Ram Flow 014 Uncaptured Needle & Seat
014 Ram Flow Uncaptured Needle & Seat
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Tillotson Ram Flow 014 Uncaptured Needle & Seat

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Ram Flow Seat & Needle (Uncap) Inlet Seat Ram Flow Alky (Short .532), Inlet Seat Gasket, Viton Type Needle.

For HL-314G, HL-348A,B,C,D,E,F, HL-355A,B,C,D,E, HL-60B+C HL-380A+B, HR-181, HR-191, HR-196

Ram Flow needle and seat designed years ago for the guys using methanol (alky) fuel racing. The seat is CNC machined out of brass with equally spaced holes around the perimeter to increase fuel flow into the metering cavity. The needle and seat fit in most HL and HR carburetors with a seat length of 0.5315". It also includes an uncaptured needle valve. We recommend using an uncaptured needle when the engine runs in a bumpy or high vibration environment. Used in Dirt track racing and all V-Twin applications. The needle is made with a metal body and a fluoropolymer elastomer tip, fuel resistant but not fuel proof. You must flush your carburetor properly after every race.

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