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Tillotson Standard Volume (Single Stack, Gas) .006
237-141 Tillotson .006" Gas Fuel Pump Diaphragm
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Tillotson Standard Volume (Single Stack, Gas) .006" Fuel Pump Diaphragm

Part Number: 237-141
Online Price: $2.99
Fuel Pump Diaphragm .006 Gas
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237-141 Tillotson.006 Standard Volume(Single Stack, Gas) Fuel Pump Diaphragm is the same as the 237-214 but thicker.

A thinner diaphragm pumps harder but doesn't last as long. Using a thinner gasket is an excellent trick for qualifying for 100cc 2/cycle or large engines.

Don't use a thick diaphragm on engines 60cc or smaller. We recommend changing this pump diaphragm every race day. Don't go longer than three race days for the best performance.

Tillotson .006 Standard Volume Fuel Pump Diaphragm fits HL-304E, HL-324A, HL-334A, HL-334B, HL-334AA, HL-334AB, HL-334WX, HL-350A, HL-360A, HL-375A, HL-381A, HL-384A, HL-384B, HL-385A or any other Standard Volume(Single Stack, Gas) Fuel Pump Tillotson Carburetor


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