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Valve Spring Shim .768 x .515 x .050
Valve Spring Shim .768 x .515 x .050
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Valve Spring Shim .768 x .515 x .050

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Valve Spring Shim .768 x .515 x .050
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Valve Spring Shim .768 x .515 x .050

Valve Spring Shims has two goals: 

First, they reduce the install height of the valve spring to increase valve spring pressure. The increase in spring pressure will allow bigger or more aggressive camshafts or compensate for valve train weight increases or valve acceleration from changes in rocker ratio. 

The second purpose of the valve spring shims is to prevent damage or wear in the spring pad area caused by increased valve spring pressure. During operation, the valve springs, valve retainers, and valves will spin, which can cause wear. 

When using a valve-spring shim, recheck for coil bind.

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