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Van K 6 x 8.25 Aluminum Pro-Maxx Van K Wheel
345.6825.35 Van K 6 x 8.25 One-Piece Aluminum Pro-Maxx Van K Wheel
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Van K 6 x 8.25 Aluminum Pro-Maxx Van K Wheel

Part Number: 345.6825.35
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6" x 8.25" Van K Pro-Maxx Aluminum Racing Wheel for Speedway LTO Racing Go Karts
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6" x 8.25" Van K Pro-Maxx Speedway Oval Racing Go Kart Wheel

The Van-K PRO-MAXX wheel is the strongest, truest kart wheel ever made. The outer half has a large bell shape at the largest possible diameter for maximum rigidity. We then designed the wheel to drop down to the weld at a smaller diameter, inching the weld much closer to the bolt openings, which adds strength to the center of the wheel.

The inner half includes multiple steps to allow the center to grow as large as possible and still allow a tire to slip on easily.

Our PRO-MAXX wheel's large outer half design means less air volume, resulting in less PSI change over your run.

Van-K PRO-MAXX Series wheels are made with our proprietary P-Zero technology for trueness and perfection.

Fully Machined Finished
6" Diameter
8.25" Width
3.5" Back Spacing
American 3 x 2.50" bolt pattern 1.75" register.

Due to Weight and/or Size cannot include this product with any shipping discount or promotions. See our shipping policy for details.

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