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Velosity Stack 2-Piece GX200 Honda Clone
335VS 2-Piece Velocity Stack for GX200 Honda Clone
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Velosity Stack 2-Piece GX200 Honda Clone

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Velosity Stack 2-Piece GX200 Honda Clone
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335VS EC Velocity Stack uses a radius that helps guide air to increase velocity and flow.

This improved the airflow and signal of those carburetors. Our air inlet velocity stacks complement those designs to provide the best airflow potential from those carburetors. 

Hi-Flow 2 Piece Filter Adaptor fits GX200 Honda/Clone and Predator stock carburetors. This design eliminates all obstructions (holes, studs, nuts, etc.) you would see in other adaptors that would normally disrupt the flow.  

Kit Items:

• 2-Piece VelocityStack/Filter Adaptor

• Choke Lock

• Air Filter Gasket

• Carburetor Stud Nuts

Note* Carburetor studs will need to be modified/shortened to use this adaptor.

Fits GX120-212 Honda/Clone/Predator/Tillotson Stock Carburetors (2.5" OD; check your air filter for fitment)

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