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Adjustable Pushrod Length Tool 5.100-6.365
EC Adjustable Pushrod Length Tool w/6mm Ball Ends
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Adjustable Pushrod Length Tool 5.100-6.365" w/6mm Ball Ends

Part Number: GP-6000
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Our new adjustable pushrod length tool helps measure the correct length for your Honda GX390, Predator, Duromax, Wildcat, and other big block clones.

Adjustable Pushrod Length Tool Feature:
- 5.100 to 6.365" range
- Anodized Lightweight Aluminum Body
- Knurled Locking nut (Not Tools Required)
- 5mm Ball Ends to fit the small block tappets and rockers

Pre-cut push rods are convenient, but cutting the push rods to the precise length will often provide better rocker arm geometry. The rocker geometry can influence the resonance or harmonics in the valve train, which could lead to premature valve float. Rocker Geometry can also impact the valve motion, changing the valve speed, duration, and lift. It can also influence valve and guide wear. Ensure you are measuring your pushrod length accurately for the best results. 

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