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Offset Timing Key for Honda/Clone/Predators (Choose Degree)
5-# Timing Key for Honda/Clone/Predators
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Offset Timing Key for Honda/Clone/Predators (Choose Degree)

Part Number: 5-#
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The Offset Timing Key is designed to advance the ignition timing of Honda GX200 and Clone-Style Engines. 

The offset timing keys are a cheaper alternative to an adjustable hub flywheel. Keys range from 1 degree to 7 degrees and fit Honda GX160/200, Clone 196/212, Tillotson 196/212/225, Ducar 196/212, and Predator 212 Hemi and Non-Hemi Engines. 

Timing Recommendations:

Recreational/Stage 1,2 3 Kits 28-34° Ignition Timing

Box Stock 196 34-38° Ignition Timing

Modified Gas 32-36°

Modified Methanol 34-38°

Our recommendations are to get you in the ballpark with a stock ignition; digital (PVL Ignition) will use much less timing, particular combinations and compression ratios may respond differently. 

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