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Alfano 6 Cable Extensions
Alfano 6 Cable Extensions
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Alfano 6 Cable Extensions

Part Number: A3301
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Alfano 6 Cable Extensions
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Application: To be used in conjunction with temp. sensors

NTC Type A3301

K Type A3401

Length: 135cm

***Compatible only with the NEW line of:

ADM, ADL, BX4, BX4GPS, BX10, BZ10.2, Pro III Evo, Alfano6


Is the Alfano 6 equipped with a brightness sensor?

Yes, Alfano 6 activates the backlight according to the ambient light. In the "brightness" menu, select "auto."

The Alfano 6 is switched off or does not work properly while driving.

The problem may come from the boot or spark plug used. Boots or spark plugs without internal resistance generate electromagnetic interference that causes problems with the complex electronics of the Alfano 6. The solution to the problem is the use of a boot or spark plug with internal resistance, identifiable by the code of the product with the initials "R." Another precaution, avoid wrapping the RPM wire around the ignition coil, and use the red clips provided.

Are the six central LEDs configured for the RPM only?

No, you have the choice to use these LEDs either for the RPM, the exhaust sensor temperature, the difference in lap time, or partial times. For the RPM, it is possible to define a threshold (from O to 16,000). In case of higher RPM, change the maximum value in "rpm settings." For lap time or partial difference, each of the six central LEDs represents one-tenth of a second. The green LEDs indicate a lead on the best lap of the current session, while the red LEDs indicate a delay.

I notice that the temperature measurement of the exhaust with the ALFANO sensor is higher than that of the competition.

Each sensor brand has more or less rapid reaction dynamics. ALFANO has opted for a very sensitive sensor, A2151 « Quality Professional »; therefore more reactive. The measured temperature is not constant on a motor. Accelerations and decelerations vary abruptly; our sensors are able to measure higher temperature peaks and lower temperature peaks. Our exhaust sensors are recognized by the best teams, as they allow for a more precise adjustment of the carburation.

How to download the data or update the Alfano 6?

For downloading and analyzing data, you have our free APPs on Android and iOS that are continually updated. For professionals accustomed to the P.C., we have the A.D.A software on Windows P.C. For the update of the Alfano 6, all our APPs have a firmware version.

It is important to check if you have the latest version of the APP on your smartphone or tablet. The download is via Bluetooth or the USB port. To use the USB option on your smartphone or tablet, please have the PN A4520 and a special OTG cable sold in computer stores. Once connected, the app will notify you if there is new firmware available for your Alfano 6; you can then update through our app.

I notice that in my Alfano 6, there are spelling mistakes, Bug?

We are constantly evolving, do not hesitate to send us your comments at [email protected]; we will act very quickly. You can easily send your saved data to ALFANO S.A. from your APP. This will also improve the circuit database.

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