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ARC Flywheel Puller for Briggs/Honda/Predator
7250 ARC Flywheel Puller
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ARC Flywheel Puller for Briggs/Honda/Predator

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ARC Flywheel Puller for small 4-cycle engines.

This flywheel puller is designed for those who don't want to use the "knocker" method to remove their flywheel. 
Works with:

  • ALL ARC Flywheels with Steel Adjustable Timing Hubs

  • PVL flywheel for clone

  • Raceseng Flywheels

  • ARC flywheels that do not have the steel center hub will be drilled and tapped for this puller as a running change in 2013.

  • New for 2015, the redesigned flywheel puller will work with 2015 redesigned 6602 flywheels. 

To use, install the threaded rods into clean and lubricated puller holes on the hub or flywheel face.  Be sure to thread the rods in fully.  Slide the puller block over the threaded rods and screw the nuts down evenly.  Tighten the nuts evenly back and forth in 1/2 turn increments until the flywheel pulls off.  Stubborn flywheels may require that you hit the puller block's center with a hammer once significant pressure is applied by tightening the nuts.  Be careful not to strike the threaded rods (use a spacer if necessary) and NEVER hit the flywheel itself with a hammer. Heat as low as 300° will damage the rare-earth magnet in flywheels, so don't use a torch! ARC is not responsible for any damage you cause to any flywheel removed with this tool, so be careful!

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